Allow me: Us!

Die RAUSZEIT-Mannschaft

Friendly impartiality, heartfelt friendliness, honest kindness and the highest level of professionalism - quite a lot is demanded of a hotel team. For us at NaturBoutique Hotel RAUSZEIT, however, these qualities are simply part of being a host. And we let you feel that in every moment of your stay, we promise!

Angelika & Family

As a host family and nature & outdoor lover, we welcome you and your friends to our beautiful NaturBoutique Hotel RAUSZEIT.


Warm hostess and good soul of the house. Angelika took over the business from her mother over 40 years ago. Since then, she has run the house with full commitment, love for detail and is always happy to be there for you. As a Willingen native and nature lover, she can provide you with the best tips about the Willingen leisure world. She also provides a great breakfast buffet every day. In a nutshell: Angelika is a very important part of the team as the senior boss.


As a sports scientist (health and hiking tourism) and biathlete in a former life, Michèle knows the best insider tips when it comes to outdoor sports and active holidays. She loves nature, regularly pursues her love of skiing, hiking and biking and will advise you in detail on your hiking and biking tours as well as on all general questions about the hotel and your holiday in Willingen. As the creative head of the hotel, she is responsible for the entire marketing and always comes up with new great ideas for you. In addition, both Michèle and Angelika share their passion for interior design and give the hotel that certain something with LOVE FOR THE DETAILS. Michèle also handles administrative matters in the back office and is your contact person for enquiries and reservations.


Lars - Michèle's heart man - is our charming gentleman for all occasions. He builds some of our hotel furniture himself, repairs everything that needs to be repaired, shuttles you to your hiking routes, brings you the fragrant espresso to your breakfast table and is also there for you in all questions about outdoor sports in Willingen. Lars - our man for all occasions!


Luca - our little 8 year old boss - is our bright, lovable sunshine. She is already a real nature lover and likes all the guest children. Nevertheless, she does not want to take over the business for a while, but would rather become a doctor.

Clean Team

Our maids Waltraud, Klaudia & Adriana take care of freshness and cleanliness in your rooms every day. Waltraud has been the diligent cleaning fairy of our hotel for 15 years now. With warmth towards the guest, joy as well as conscientiousness, she always ensures a neat and clean operation, she finds forgotten and lost objects and is always the first to know where something needs to be repaired.

…and the rest of the crew

Heinz-Dieter (Angelika's husband) always quietly and secretly takes care of all technical matters in the house. He is also your professional for freshly prepared scrambled and fried eggs. Reiner Behle (Angelika's brother) is our in-house master painter and, as a retired ski jump boss, he has one or two interesting stories to tell about the Mühlenkopf ski jump and the Willingen Ski Jumping World Cup.